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Organic High Mountain Taiwan Oolong Tea at Discount Prices!

Taiwan Tea SALE

Taiwan Tea Sale – The Greatest Tea In The World!

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There is more than enough tea in each package to make a large pot of tea.  We’re so confident in our Taiwan tea quality and taste that we’re offering free Taiwan tea to prove it! Become a Taiwan Tea Store customer. Click here for free Taiwan tea samples!


Taichung Wuling - the finest tea in the worldTAICHUNG WULING – Also Known as Royal Taiwan Tea Sale This is a re and exceptional tea, probably the best in the world.  Although you may get more infusions out of a rare and expensive Dan Cong, you’ll never receive the flavor of this special beauty.  Super rich and creamy.  This id the finest high mountain Oolong in the world! There, the consistently dew soaked fields reach over 2700 Meters elevation and give birth to the most plump and coveted tea leaves worldwide. Down the line to the West lies the Shei-Pa Countrywide Forest Foothills and the home of the appreciated land-locked Masu Salmon. The farmers have a tendency to their Taiwan tea fields and hand pick each Taiwan tea leaf at the prize moment. The Taichung Wuling Taiwan Tea leaves are cared after and guarded by the local pecking order. The Taiwan tea is hand-made, and once perfected, hand delivered for Royalty. The soil, free from pollution, dangerous insects, and pests is rich and dark. The Organic growing terrain is excellent for the best high mountain Oolong Taiwan tea. $43.50/1.76oz(50gr.) BUY NOW


fushoushan oolong- the finest oolong tea from taiwan

Fushoushan originates from the final organic traditional Taiwan tea forest. This is a little area with unique topography and limited access.  This permits the new born leaves to grow and unfurl terribly slowly. Fushoushan Taiwan tea sale is hand cropped in Spring each year. This makes Fushoushan the most rare and wanted source of tea by the best tea makers in all of Taiwan. The taste is a full-bodied flavour with a sweet & fruity perfume. True Taiwan tea connoisseurs essentially drink this Taiwan tea at 70 degrees.  It is one of the most rare teas of all and desired by all of the Taiwan Tea Judges. To some, there’s no finer tea worldwide. Actually it is served to visiting Presidents.  $34.95/1.76oz  (50gram)  BUY NOW


dayuling teaDAYULING OOLONG - The most desired Taiwan high mountain oolong freely available and grown at a height of almost 2700 meters. It is in general assumed that Taiwan’s high mountain Taiwan tea is the best origin. It is typically covered in clouds and middle and trapped by fresh streams and the cool crisp air of the high Taiwan tea mountains. This Taiwan tea can be steeped up to ten times and the leaves and buds are actually something to have a look at when wet. A smooth in the throat feeling appears when the fantastic tea is enjoyed. $17.5/1.76oz(50grams) BUY NOW


YUSHAN OOLONG - The top elevation here reaches 2565m, the temperature here is reasonably low all of the year and the tea tree is always covered with snow in winter. The cold temperature makes the tea tree there grow slowly, the abounding environment creates a completely unique wonderful tea. Yu Shan ( Jade Mountain ) is found at the southern border of this township. The all year low temperatures produces thick, tempting tea leaves which brew to a heavy spirits with an exceptionally sweet perfume. This Taiwan tea sale is extraordinarily smooth and has masses of flavour – light and a little fermented. It is like wild lily flowers on the tongue and a sweet grassy residual taste which, the third infusion adds sweet milk cream. $16.50/1.76oz  (50grams)  BUY NOW


Taiwan Tea StoreHEHUANSHAN OOLONG – This Taiwan tea is awfully rare and tough to find. The initial infusion tastes smooth, viscous, and sweet with a frilly roasted flavour. It is like the fresh smell of the first spring flowers breaking thru the high mountain snow. The following infusion truly comes alive to show Hehaun’s true notability.  The nicest thing about a great Taiwan tea Oolong is clear here : each infusion brings on different subtleties of Taiwan tea. The third infusion is like roasted Kafir and mocha coffee. You will never desire another mug of coffee with cream again. $16.25/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW!


ChailiashanCHILAISHAN OOLONG - Is a great quality and little known area of Taiwan used mostly for growing tea leaves used in local consumption.  Each tea farmer in this region plants and grows his own varied crop.  Some years allow for small export and we get a treat for the Americas.  Try a little local farm grown goodness! Planted at an elevation of 2000 meters recognized for outstanding and unheard of local qualities.  Not roasty or smokey at all. It is a wonderful and exciting High Mountain Oolong Taiwan tea with a mellow green flavour.  Although it does taste similar to Alishan, you can expect a little something different.  $16.00/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW!


Taiwan Tea StoreLISHAN OOLONG- Here is where the highest mountains of Taiwan are found. Lishan is the most famous name in Taiwan for making the best High Mountain Oolong Taiwan tea. Thanks to the high altitude, the tea plants grow up slow, leaf is larger, quantity is littler, quality is best. Li Shan is the highest growing area for Taiwan tea. The higher altitudes see winter snow and even in the spring oolong Taiwan tea crop there’s a chill in the air. At an altitude of 2600 meters there are just two oolong tea crops every year. The lower altitudes on Li Shan can produce two crops of oolong tea each year, spring and winter. Compared to the spring crop, the winter one has a longer expansion time. Foggy weather make it taste mellow.  $15.95/1.76oz (50grams) ON SALE - BUY NOW!


shan ling xi oolong teaSHANLINXI OOLONG - This tea is from a mountain area in Nantou county of central Taiwan and is found at 1600 meters to1800 meters above sea level.  It is maybe the biggest tea growing area for High Mountain Taiwan Tea. The Taiwan Tea Sale has Tea plantations in this area and we’ve been established for over twenty-seven years. This is among the best Formosa Oolong teas ever made. There is a delicious viscous soup that coats your throat with a velvety fragrance of high mountain wildflowers.  $15.75/1.76oz  (50grams) BUY NOW!


alishan oolong teaALISHAN OOLONG - From the Alishan Countrywide Beautiful Area is a mountain resort and natural preserve found in the mountains of Jiayi County in Taiwan. The area is also renowned for its production of high mountain Taiwan tea and wasabi.  Alishan was developed in the early 1980s to provide alpine teas. The Taiwan tea produced at elevations between 800-1,600 meters has a light and deep flavour. The whole area has been chosen as a quasi-national park for its breathtaking beauty. It’s also known for its mountain train line, and as the source of fine timber. The Alishan Oolong is a Taiwan tea high mountain oolong from Formosa. The Taiwan Tea Sale offers Alishan that’s gently oxidized, it has got a splendidly creamy texture and rich taste with a fragile sweetness. $12.75/1.76oz(50grams)100 grams SALE – BUY NOW!


Taiwan Tea StoreOrganic Formosa Iron Mercy Oolong It creates an excellent clear brown spirits with a tasteful smell paying homage to roasting chestnuts. The robust, characteristic flavor is a little hazy with a sweet cleaning residual taste. This is a fragile Taiwan Tea Maker process that needs the supervision of a tea master. The roasting removes excess moisture that would instead give the tea an earthy quality. Iron Mercy Taiwan tea is a superb Taiwan tea that produces multiple infusions & is in demand. $10.50/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW


Taiwan OolongOrganic Dong Ding Oolong Is among the most noted and best Formosa Oolong. The leaves of this tea are scrupulously hand-picked from Mount Dong Ding in Taiwan. As with many Taiwan tea Oolongs, the frangrance and savour of this tea is splendidly sweet and will leave you itching for more. The sweet, fruity scent is powerful and enticing, while the taste is full-bodied, refreshing and sweet with a strong flavour. The recipe of Gui Hua Oolong has been around for a long period of time. This Taiwan tea was particularly popular among the women during the past as they suspect that drinking it will also help them augment their beauty. Anyway, This Taiwan tea is a sweet tea appropriate to be shared with your pals and family anytime.  $9.95/1.76oz(50grams)BUY NOW


high mountain oolong teaOrganic High Mountain Oolong is the fundamental everyday high mountain Oolong.  Try this Oolong first and you’ll want to climb up the mountain! The High Mountain elevation is essential to the Organic Flavour of this beauty.  Green and earthy, viscous and flower scented like the mountains are moving into your home to bring nature to you.  Ther eare great everyday teas, but this one is priced right to enjoy more than once a day.  Like fine wine, you’ll be hooked on this beverage.  Hot or cold it is absolutely delicious! $9.75/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW


osmanthus oolongOrganic Osmanthus Oolong - When soaked, the Taiwan tea sale leaves release the wonderful sweet and pleasing odour of Osmanthus flower. The tea is light and has a touch of refreshing peach flavour. You’ll find some golden yellow Osmanthus flowers mixed together with the Oolong tea leaves.  In the infusion, the flowers will float on top of the outer layer of the water, making a pretty “autumn lake”-like display.  $9.50/1.76oz  (50grams) BUY NOW


GABA Tea Shop Organic GABA Tea, Grows in the folds of feted Mount Ali and, therefore, is sometimes known as an Ali-Shan oolong. Taiwan tea plants at such heights are known to supply really fine quality leaves which are particularly sought after. About 2 weeks before plucking, GABA Taiwan tea leaves are partly shaded, which causes increased production of glutamic acid. In the oxidation-phase of production, all oxygen is replaced with nitrogen gas, whose presence causes the glutamic acid to be converted to Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. To meet the best standards and be labeled GABA Taiwan Tea, the final product must contain at least 150mg of GABA per 100g dry weight.Hence, Gaba Taiwan tea is an useful nutritive supplement for weight lifters, power lifters, runners, self defence experts, and sportsmen of all sorts.  Additionally, due to its relaxing and relaxing effects, GABA also lowers blood pressure, assists in controlling polyglycemia, forestalls stress and promotes peaceful sleep. All tea has health encouraging compounds, but GABA tea has the highest density of antioxidants, including catechins, flavanoids, and polyphenols. It also decreases hypertension, & helps to forestall and cure hangovers. The Taiwan Tea Store offers just the best GABA Taiwan Tea from The GABA Tea Shop. It also reduces high blood pressure, & helps to prevent and cure Alcohol withdrawals. The Taiwan Tea Store offers only the finest GABA Taiwan Tea  from GABA Tea Shop! The best tasting and most delicious way to power up and lose weight! $9.95/1.76oz  (50grams)  BUY NOW


Taiwan Tea Store Organic Jade Oolong  Is grown in the Shi Zuo ( Stone Table ) area of Alishan ( Mount Ali ). At an altitude of 1300 meters, Shi Zuo has a cool, clammy climate that’s excellent for growing Taiwan tea. Shi Zuo oolong tea is carefully chosen and hand processed in the standard demeanour of Taiwanese High Mountain oolongs. These pellets open up during brewing to release the full flavour of the Taiwan tea. With a fruity flavour and mild perfume you will not be in a position to get too much of it. And, you will have one or two infusions to keep enjoying it at the breakfast table. $7.50/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW


Taiwan Tea StoreOrganic Four Seasons Taiwan Tea is the loveliest everyday Oolong that you can buy.  Better to buy this tea than anything available in a supermarket.  4 Seasons Taiwan tea warms you in winter, cools you in the Summertime, refreshes you in the Spring, and reactivates you in the Autumn. We consume many pots of this Oolong every day at the Taiwan Tea Store. We consume many pots of this Oolong each day at the Taiwan Tea Store! $7.50/1.76oz (50grams) BUY NOW


Jasmine green teaOrganic Jasmine Green Tea is produced by scenting high quality Paozhong green Taiwan tea with fresh Jasmine flowers, combining the sweet Jasmine fragrance with the fruity sweet nature of Taiwanese high mountain green tea makes this tea a pleasure for your palate an your spirit. $6.95/1.76oz(50grams) BUY NOW

Taiwan Tea Sale:

The Taiwan Tea Growing Fields And Mountains

lishan mountain


dong ding tea fields

Dong Ding Fields

shan ling xi fields

Shan Ling Xi Fields

dayuling mountains

Dayuling Mountains

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Taiwan Tea Sale

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    You’ve gotta be kidding me… outstanding quality high mountain oolong and a great value too!

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    Good tea is very fragrant. Good sale price. I buy Yushan very good quality this year.

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    The samples are good I am ordering more tea now…

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    I tried most of them. The tea comes fast, in 2 days. Very fresh and very well packaged. The Wuling, Fu Shou, Yu Shan and the Da Yu Ling are the best, by far!

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    I love the tea from this tea store. They have the best Taiwan Oolong I’ve ever tried…I’m addicted!

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    anyone know what is ( 528 king of tea )

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